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heros who got us there. and what has happened to us since. a lot of you ask why, neil, are you involved in this? i wanted to be an astronaut as a kid. it really did. then i went to nasa and realized i couldn't sit in the capsule. 9 years old i moved on and thought what about business anchor and then i moved on to try to save the world from the fiscal mess as you can see. now you know. >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ brand new details in the murder-suicide of n.f.l. star jovan belcher and cassandra perkins. the kansas city star and the "new york post" report that belcher spent the night drinking and partying with a girl named britney glass, at a popular bar district in downtown kansas city.
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belcher drove miss glass home, dropped her off and passed out in misbentley. 2:50 a.m., cops woke belcher up and told him not to drive. he called glass apt spent the next four hours in her apartment. at 6:45 a.m., he drove the bentley to his home where girlfriend perkins recently arrived with her own night out with friends. argument ensued and belcher shot perkins nine times. belcher's mother and baby were there for the shooting. after killing perkins, belcher kissed the lifeless body, walk toed his mother, kissed his baby girl and left. he drove five miles to the chiefs' practice field after several minutes of pleading with him, they couldn't talk belcher off the ledge. belcher thanked the coaches, knelt down beside a car, made a sign of a cross and put a shot to his fare hoed ending his life -- fairhead ending his life. serve trying to make this about their issue. nbc and bob costas used the tragedy to promote gun control.
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remember this? >> in the coming days, jovan belcher's actions and the possible connection to football will be analyzed. if belcher didn't possess a gun, he and perkins would both be alive today. >> eric: so after that, bob costas said he wouldn't back track. but now, a couple hours later, costas called the jovan belcher commentary a mistake. he said my mistake and i left it open for too much communication. >> dana: i think bob costas has to say something. getting too much attention for it. i'm sure that nbc didn't like the type of attention he was getting. even if you agree with bob costas, even with the anthem and police honored on the field. but missed communication is
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another cop out. miscommunication means oops, i could have said it better. remember, we have heard this before in politics. as you remember, i don't have to repeat it. the question i have on this and the new information was the police. they find anymore a bentley and wake up and say hey, don't drive. maybe there is a little bit more of giving a pass. to people who are famous or wealthy with a bently. or they don't want to cause a problem for the kansas city chiefs. going in to sunday. it's not like he hasn't been in trouble before. there was an alert out on him from the team saying they worried about his actions. >> eric: various people used the tragedy for their own jumping often point. should we wait for the rest of the details that we outlined a minute ago? >> greg: i like that his
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mistake was leighing it open for too much communication. miscommunication. too much negative communication. he wanted people to love him. edgy as a furbie. he just parroted his peers. to me this disgusting. there was a victim in this. it was a woman. she was killed by a man. many is not about guns. this is about a woman who is dead. child that doesn't have her parents. statistics right now, $63 million homes, over 6,000 handgun deaths. that is saying 100% of americans with guns don't kill each other. more people die from boredom listening to bob costas. >> eric: first, costas doubled down and said i'm not backtracking on my comen care. his commentary was saying i agree with jason whitlock piece he had written. we'll get to whitlock in a
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second. he doubled down and now he is backtracking. >> andrea: i manualed he was getting pressure. not just the miscommunication but he didn't allow enough time to flesh out the issues. if jovan belcher didn't possess a gun he and per kins the girlfriend would both be alive today. that is not fleshing out a to topic. this is not his role to give us political commentary. that's not his job. if that is his job he can get a position at another news network to host a show in the evening. this apology is under a lot of pressure at the network for him to walk that back. >> eric: your call. talk about that or move on? >> bob: i want to talk about this. first, i'm sorry he walked it back. he was right. say it again.
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if he didn't have a gun, they wouldn't dead. >> greg: you don't know that. >> dana: he shot her nine times. >> bob: 113,000 children have been killed in this country. more than vietnam and iraq and -- >> greg: you're playing with numbers. >> bob: i am not. that is a lot of kids. >> greg: gun violence is going down. what is your solution? take away guns? >> eric: yes. >> greg: that will never happen. >> eric: if you take away guns, law abiding citizens -- how is gun -- >> greg: how is gun control doing in chicago? how is it doing in d.c.? >> bob: they get them from other -- >> greg: you're saying more
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gun control is less violence. >> bob: have you gotten all of your bumper stickers? >> greg: you just started it. >> eric: the most egregious use of the tragedy may be this. listen. >> i believe the nra is the new k.k.k. they are loading the community with drugs and having an open shooting gallery is the work of people that don't have our best interest. >> okay. that was jason whitlock. the original piece he wrote is the one that bob costas cited when he agreed with jason whitlock. that was whitlock yesterday explaining the piece. now can someone tell me how an afternoon man shooting an african-american -- an african-american man shooting his african-american girlfriend, somehow that racist? >> bob: it's not. it was a bad thing for him to say. but i would raise one other point. that is with all that we are
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learning about this guy belcher with the troubled past and the rest of this, why can't a guy like that, an alcoholic go in a gun store and buy a gun legally? >> andrea: okay. you bring in the nra. >> greg: ban booze. >> andrea: they do not support people on drugs or criminals getting guns. this guy, sorry, if i were anybody reading this, he is an apologist for criminal behavior. columnist for domestic abuse. why does vit to be somebody's fault? do you think the nra -- sorry, do you think the nra is arming african-american communities and drugging them up for each other? >> bob: they help arm america. yes. >> dana: why do you think the police told not to drive? he was a danger to society, because he was drunk. if he got in the bentley then the bentley could have been used as a murder weapon. that's what he would have gotten done for if he had
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driven a car. jason whitlock doesn't talk about the personal responsibility that belcher has. then it's our fault. how is it our fault that he -- he was on drugs. had troubled past. we brought up this morning the things -- he had anger management issues. this goes to the mental health, dealing with the anger and sudden fame and all of a sudden you have this money. it can't be my fault he made that decision. >> eric: it's not your fault. >> bob: it's the people with problems -- >> greg: like that. >> dana: he based, the cops let him off because he was like that. he was wealthy, famous, part of a great team and they wanted him to be suck sus elf. >> eric: like that is the constitutional fright own a gun. >> greg: when you hear the chuckleheads talk they use the phrase "gun culture." what about culture culture?
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that is worse. talk about the culture of concussion. the great thing about blame you can describe it to anything and everything. it's relative. look at costas and this guy, what is his name? belcher? no. whitlock. they are barnacles living off condition cushion culture. they make money off football. maybe they are to blame. >> eric: there is a slew of culturists who wait for tragedy to use the bully pulpit, to use the wake of the tragedy to promote their issu issues. >> greg: whitlock made asian slur on twitter a year ago. a lot of times they invoke racetism get the accusation off them. >> bob: it doesn't ask whether it's virginia tech, two colorado shootings -- >> bobshootings -- >> greg: maybe a guy virginia tech could have stopped the shooter. >> andrea: he was stopped by a gun but you never hear that
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story. >> bob: they had serious mental problems and they had guns. >> andrea: this is a linebacker -- wait, he could have choked that woman with his bear hands. >> bob: he had a gun. >> eric: according to the statistics, 62,200 victim of violent crimes use guns to defend themselves. >> bob: really? >> eric: another 20,000 use them to -- >> bob: raise the property. the federal bureau of investigation report is 213,000 justified homicides using guns to protect yourself last year. your numbers are full of -- >> eric: i didn't make them up. >> bob: i didn't make them up. the ruse for the nra crap saving 2 million -- >> greg: the point is you don't want people to have guns. >> dana: you are using numbers from the same department, the department of justice. >> bob: 213 justifiable
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homicides last year. >> eric: let's stay on the topic. nowhere come on the n.f.l. murder suicide. any moment now, house speaker john boehner will light the capitol christmas tree. yes, it's still called a christmas tree. enjoy it while can. this is temporary set. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with 160 more miles per tank, the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ guts. glory. ram.
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>> dana: back with more on the murder-suicide we talked about in the "a" block. we'll talk about the possible underlying factors of the violence. listen to rush limbaugh. >> might there have been a better outcome if there had been a marriage involved between mr. belcher and his girlfriend? i don't know.l i know is that it the statistics from single parenthood and children out of wedlock and what happens to kids in those circumstances, what happens to the fathers in those circumstances. it's not good.
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>> dana: an degreia, i'm a believer in the institution of marriage to solidify families and root you in a grounded, make it possibly tradition and hopefully be prosperous in the future. there is a lot, there are many babies born out of wedlock. all across america. and all races. in particular, in african-american families and growing in hispanic and white families as well. do you think it has anything do with how people end up committing crimes like this? and not able to deal with the success he earned? >> andrea: i think there is a family element to certain things. maybe the way he was raised or how he wasn't raised. maybe he wasn't taught right from wrong. i have a hard time buying this. this is a total argument. a but-for argument. but for the family he would haven't done think. don't buy it. he was clearly maybe cheating on his wife. if he was married -- the
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wedding band is not an ankle bracelet. i don't buy that. we cover the stories on "the five" all the time about men who cheat. the real thing i think we are not debating is the drug issue. a lot of people don't want to talk about what happens when you get alcohol or drugs in your system that play a role. it seems no one ever wants to hold the person personally responsible. this is his fault. not fault of head injuries or not the fault he wasn't married, not the fault of the other reasons you will list. because of the actual gun. so again, that is a liberal societal argument. society made him do it. >> dana: what do you think? >> bob: we left off of rush's clip that is unusual for us he blamed the liberals for the culture that allowed for one parent families, which is really a stretch. i think there is something to be said about growing up obviously if you are lucky enough to be sane family, mother and father together. very few people in america have that opportunity.
2:19 pm
a lot don't. >> dana: decreasing number. >> bob: in this case, there is no doubt that alcohol played a direct result in this guy shooting his girlfriend and shooting himself. i don't think anybody, myself include who had is a recovering alcoholic, anybody who has a history of alcoholism should not underscore not be allowed to buy guns. >> dana: we did the gun argument. actually, i think the nra -- >> greg: just because you can't hand a gun, doesn't mean the rest can't. >> eric: it's not the gun. it's fast money and quick celebrity, alcohol. brain injury. decay of the american family. it's all of them. but you can't blame a gun. just like you can't blame the microphone when costas says something ridiculous. it's not the gun. it's the man.
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>> greg: we have to take the knives away. >> andrea: this guy had a temper. he has a hisserly of bullying women. could it be that simple? do we have to turn it to grand schemes for political causes? >> bob: it's not a question -- i'm glad costas used an opportunity to get to it and i'm use it now. more kids killed -- wait. >> greg: give me an age. >> bob: 5 to 17. >> greg: what is that from? that is called gang violence. what does it occur? chicago. there you go. >> bob: ridiculous. >> andrea: how do liberals lecture about guns an not abortion.
2:21 pm
>> greg: 17-year-old in gangs. >> bob: every 17-year-old is a gang member? >> greg: where does gang violence occur? >> bob: i didn't say gang violence. >> greg: look, i'll right on this. >> dana: the team said they put out an alert and tried to help, they reached out to try to help him. they were concerned about it. i don't think they have a responsibility necessarily, but what do you think? >> i don't think so either. if you read fourth the story, one of belcher's roommate said it happened all the time. a couple of friends that happened where they were drinking and they got involved in altercation with girlfriends. it was a culture. if he wasn't doing anything different what goes on and maybe 36 other nfl locker rooms, then they won't know. slippery slope.
2:22 pm
>> greg: was this football player a product of a broken gnome was he? >> eric: i don't think so. >> greg: president obama was a product of the broken home and he's the president of the united states. so bottom line it's the individual. what the individual achieves in his life. this guy achieveed eel. he killed somebody, he is dead. we could come up with reasons but it's a waste of time. >> dana: but it was a great discussion. >> greg: it was. >> dana: we will take you live to lighting the christmas tree in washington. a moment greg never misses every year. up next, what is the one thing that five fans told greg over and over while he was on the road trip? answer might surprise you. right back with it. [ male announcer ] are you on medicare?
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♪ ♪ >> greg: dedicated to jasper. on the road last week, i was asked many question, about dana's height and bob's hygiene. a question kept coming up who pushed the video? why did obama blame benghazi in a video with no evidence at all. i keep asking it, too. i do it for people like navy seal courtly. here is him on "fox and friends." >> i lost good mud buddies and teammates in benghazi. i want to thank fox news for keeping it on the radar. >> you want us to keep the investigation alive? >> absolutely. i know what they did. i did the job. they earned the total truth. >> i appreciate that. a lot of people are fighting that fight. >> if only the press gave a damn. but they don't know people like him. they know people like costas. don't expect halftime rapt on benghazi from him. we have zero dark 30, the movie, the critic laud for it lauds obama.
2:28 pm
will we get a obama film? maybe if they make president bush president again. we can't blame susan rice because she is black. insidious racism perpetrated by white lib who see skin color instead of achievement. go after clapper. a white male, no one cares about him. will that satisfy chris ma chews? they no longer speak truth to power. only thing is the what they spring from, a clown car with those who can stare at dead americans and say ahh. i've never seen so many hacks try to kill a story. if life was an obama dinner party, benghazi is the smelly homeless guy everyone wants to bounce. dana, this is your favorite story, as mine. how can the media continue ignoring this? will they? 'canes yes. >> greg: good answer. okay, eric? >> dana: but i do think
2:29 pm
because of this story there will be a couple of things that happen. one will be that rice will not be named secretary of state. and two is i hope and you saw op ed in the "wall street journal" today about security at diplomatic missions around the world. they have been apparently concerned about this for a long time. going back not a partisan thing but going back quite a while. that might be something that could get fixed out of this. i think that historical record will show that they got this wrong. i agree with you. well, i don't know if you are saying that but i do blame clapper. i think the dni, that the whole way that the bureaucracy built up since the dni was formed is hurting the national security. >> greg: i found out that susan vice worth $40 million. it read that in the "wall street journal." is this an attack on the rich? >> eric: class warfare. i think it's a little bit our fault, a little of the media's fault not staying on it, on our side. you saw the navy seal saying
2:30 pm
thank you to fox. we have done it. we have done our share. i think we have only missed two or three day since september 11 covering the story. but this really comes down to the justice department. justice department not investigating this the way they didn't investigate fast and furious. it's a problem. you know, dan ab says history will show. hope history doesn't show. current and present time people dig in and find out what happened and we expose them. there won't be a movie about benghazi. it won't happen. >> greg: why is that? if this was president bush you'd scream bloody merd. >> there was a terrible process of vetting a statement that susan rise got. i think the dni was responsible for that. the 94-word statement. communication screw up but the reason there is not a lot of news about it, there is no news about it. no new evidence or anything. hearing on capitol hill and petraeus talk about it.
2:31 pm
is there anything new in the last month? >> andrea: that is the story. the story is it's buried and before a presidential election, this administration said we're just going to conduct an investigation. they hid under the term "investigation" and they could say don't ask any questions because it's being investigated. the biggest issue is why wasn't the embassy secured? we won't have to ask where the video if we had secured the embassy. but, you know, i just think this whole thing, this will die because we -- there is not enough people to stay on it. >> eric: the rest of the embassies secure now? there is the story. if they haven't cut so much money from the -- >> dana: the media covered this heavily and it was the inability to connect the dots and prevent 9/11 from happe happening. fair criticism. but you have a direct contradiction. the president declined to call it terrorism and called it terrorism later on.
2:32 pm
of course i did. crowley backs him up. he says it on september 12. three days later, says something totally different. so the media points out hypocrisy to show a hole between arguments missed this one. didn't pass this off. >> andrea: it's strange, too, because the suspect that obama promised to bring to justice in the rose garden spotted drinking strawberry frape by the "new york times." >> dana: video maker is still in jail. we have not brought the perpetrators to justice. >> andrea: why didn't the administration say give him to us. bloc i >> bob: there is an extradition treaty. >> eric: we could have -- >> bob: invide. >> andrea: that wouldn't have made him look good. >> eric: where is the f.b.i. investigating right now. why won't they let us know what they found. >> bob: accept the fact, even if it was to cover up for obama's campaign, i'll accept that. let it go. there is nothing to talk about
2:33 pm
it. >> andrea: let it go? >> bob: they pushed the video to cover up for the obama campaign. i agree with you. that is a huge story. huge story. >> bob: how many times are you going to say it? >> greg: keep saying it until something happens. >> eric: four murders. >> bob: they pushed the video to help him get re-elected. that is a hell of a story to win a pulitzer. i would. >> bob: he was not supposed to be there. >> greg: if romney was president, different story. he'd be i peached. >> andrea: it was the ambassador's fault? he wasn't supposed to be there? >> bob: you called it an embassy. >> andrea: consulate. british embassy was bombed before and that should have triggered to us secure our own. >> bob: bomb in libya. there's a surprise. >> greg: coming up, from devil to diplomat. the inspiration for devil in "del wears prada." now obama may give editor anna winter a new title. as the u.s. ambassador. details ahead on five five. ♪
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i'm bret baier. tonight on "special report," they say if the g.o.p. does not give in and accept a tax rate increase on high earners the president will let the nation go over the fiscal cliff and blame republicans. the president put it in his own words tonight. not all democrats are with the president on the tax issue. 20 senate democrats face re-election in two years. some of them might struggle with voting to raise taxes by more than $12.5 trillion. this is amateur video from syria purporting the show a government war plane on a bombing run in damascus. one of syria's neighbors get serious about self-defense. concerns about the chemical weapons on the rise.
2:39 pm
"special report" starts at #:00 eastern. now have back to my colleagues with "the five." >> five, four, three, two, one. [ applause ] >> good job! >> andrea: the lighting of the 73-foot tall capitol christmas tree. that was john boehner who lit the tree. on the west front steps of the cocapitol. where president obama will have inauguration in a couple of weeks. from the speaker bearing brooks brother to devil wears prada. anna winter raised money to get president obama re-elect and it could be paying off for her now. bloomberg news is reporting that she is on the short list to be the next ambassador to the u.k. or to france.
2:40 pm
a hat tip to the "new york post," owned by the parent company of the network. she was trying to audition by fundraisers and glossy spreads in the magazine. what do you think? quid pro quo? >> dana: yeah, i do. she is an accomplished woman. if you have a movie made that says you're the devil you'v youe something. >> greg: they made one for you. >> dana: i'll reserve comment whether she deserves it and would be a good ambassador. we talked about this eight months ago with a big event here. someone slipped it out she would love to be the u.k. ambassador. i think it could happen. >> andrea: do you think it's real or her floating her own name for job?
2:41 pm
>> greg: i would like to send her away. england sent us victoria beckham. six-figure exchange program. i could have used another word but decided to be clean. she tells an assistant to float it and it helps her keep her job another year. >> eric: last year we did the same story. >> andrea: this is the same woman that did the glossy spread on bashar assad, the syrian dictator that murdered all the people. great judgment, don't you think? >> eric: dana's point does she deserve it? does ambassador rice deserve to be secretary of state? >> greg: will obama protect her? >> eric: this is crazy. the ambassadorships are pay-back and give-backs. common on both sides of the aisle. >> bob: both sides. three posts particularly there. france, britain and bermuda. those are the three that people want. >> andrea: you want bermuda. >> bob: i would.
2:42 pm
>> greg: you want thailand. >> bob: that would be excellent. >> eric: california. [ laughter ] >> andrea: hawaii. >> bob: seriously, this is nothing new. they give it to big contributors, every administration does it. >> dana: or give it to someone accomplished. george h.w. bush was offered that position in the '70s. he went to china instead. that was not a hardship post but it wasn't the grand lovely post that you get as the u.k. that residence there is beautiful. >> andrea: switch gears. talk about eck land and france. switch gears to go across the pond and talk about a headline says it's the nation's joy but a husband's nerves. kate expectations. the princess is pregnant. i know you are excited about the story. do you think we are obsessed with her as well? i can see why the british do it. is it too much? >> bob: yes. it's too much. i can look at her for a long time. the dude next to her is sort of ugly.
2:43 pm
outside of that. we're getting absorbed with. this sending anchors over to cover someone pregnant. what are they going to cover. >> andrea: they do it because it sells, right? people are interested. >> dana: in america, too. i subscribed a couple years ago to the hollywood magazines it. you can't open one for not buying a picture of her. i like to follow her as well. i'm happy for them. i definitely do not want to follow nine months of a pregnancy. >> andrea: what do you think? i know you are glued to every dress. every shoe. >> eric: i could honestly care less. but it's interesting that they change the rules. it doesn't matter if they have a boy or girl. he or she will be third in line in succession. >> greg: the big story you're missing is the father the bruc russell brand. i can't believe you missed that story. snob talking about it. >> andrea: you lived in england. were you obsessed with this? >> greg: no. >> andrea: i can see you
2:44 pm
arguing what about is the big deal. >> greg: this is the closest england has to space aliens. they treat them something other than people. come out every now and then. >> bob: do the ceremonial stuff well. >> greg: they do. >> bob: they march right and they have the funny hats but they usually look good. >> dana: the queen would be a great grandfather. >> greg: why can't an malls be royalty -- animals be royalty? >> dana: they are in my house. >> greg: that is the scary part. >> andrea: holidays are a time for giving but is it bad idea to give financial advice to your loved ones? "the five" will talk about whether it's a smart move when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: who is that? >> eric: pink floyd. >> bob: at any rate, we have been contacted by lotles of you. this is our temporary set just for this week. we will be back in the home next week.
2:49 pm
listen, should families off one another financial help and advice? a question that was supposed to advice columnist miss manners. dear miss manners my father-in-law was arrested last week. his finances are not exactly where they should be. i have a knack for personal finances so i was thinking to try to help get her finances in order. would it be appropriate or inappropriate? miss manners wrote back don't go there. tragedy is certainly the time for relatives to offer their assistance. but you really don't want to get into this one. get a reputable profession the only do the work. is she right? mr. money man, what do you think? >> eric: trying to figure out, are you reading miss manners? great segment. people come up to me all the time -- >> bob: had to open the show. >> andrea: you're not mr. manners. >> eric: here is the thing. i get asked all the time about financial advice and/or money. number one, lose a friend or a family member, relationship, loan them money. don't ever loan money. >> greg: that is why you
2:50 pm
keep giving bob money. >> eric: financial advice. give financial advice if you're qualified to do it. look at the person, are you really asking advice from people who seem they have been successful. qualify with this. advice, if you lose money don't blame me for it. >> bob: the story, this guy's father was arrested last week. does that sort of give you a little pause to be before you loan money to the family? >> dana: i don't know the circumstances. he might have had a problem -- >> bob: he was a serial killer. >> dana: i would say the best way to help family is give money not lend it. to work really hard so you are in a approximation to give money and not expect it to be paid back. make sure you talk to the tax attorney before you do so, so you don't get in trouble down the road. >> bob: good. greg, i am sure you have given out money. >> dana: is there something i'm missing? >> greg: no. miss manners is a 55-year-old
2:51 pm
fat guy named vick. if you loan money, do it exchange for services. i mean to my mother recently and she spends most of her time in my garage polishing the unicorns. she is there seven to eight hours a day in the garage. she enjoys it in the long run. hard soccer good. >> andrea: she must have borrowed a lot. expensive job. >> greg: it keeps her eating. >> bob: vu you deep pockets. you give money to relatives? >> andrea: says who? not as deep as you. the problem with the letter, the woman asked if she should offer to help in money is like matters of the heart. unless somebody asks, you don't offer to get involved in their problems because they might not necessarily want your help or they might not want you knowing. do you let your family and friends knowing you are having money problems? if you do, maybe it's good thing. they say don't come to vacation with us to puerto rico, we understand. or bad thing when people make money and then they don't pay it back.
2:52 pm
>> greg: interesting point. when we have a serious prowho writes to advice columnists? they don't answer for weeks or months. write in a health column. it had a strange pain in the left part of my chest. you don't write to an advice column, because you'll be dead. >> eric: you know who writes advice columnists? advice columnists. what if your boss asks you for financial advice? >> bob: no way. >> dana: i had a boss one time who borrowed money from staff to buy snickers bar. you know who you are. >> greg: george bush? >> dana: no. well before that. but you know who you are. >> bob: i lend money to my family across the board. >> andrea: pay it back? >> bob: no. okay. [ laughter ] one more thing. ♪ ♪ new prilosec otc wildberry
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2:57 pm
immigration and economic reform conference. an important debate we'll have coming up. he had a point to make today. >> america can be a lawful society, and a welcoming society at the same time. as our nation debates the proper course of action respecting to immigration, i hope we do so with a benevolent spirit and keep in mind the contribution of immigrants. >> dana: a great leader on immigration and i hope he plays a constructive role in the debate to come. >> greg: i hope not. >> eric: the immensely popular new york mayor corey booker who may run for governor in new jersey next year, take a listen to him. he will spend a week on food stamps only. listen. >> to me a number of things, one, starting to cut through the ignorance and prejudice frankly about people who use supplements and nutritional programs and get people to have a higher level of consciousness and high level empathy and understand the invest in the programs like
2:58 pm
this. and their importance. >> eric: this christie-booker thing is going to get interesting quick. >> andrea: the united states senate rejected a u.n. treaty. [ laughter ] u.n. treaty aimed at banning discrimination against individuals with disabilities. led by senator mike lee. he came out and said our cancers with the convention in the u.n. have nothing to do with the lack of the disabled around the world. this is basically letting families make the best decisions for their kids with special needs. with a brotherer with special needs it should be up to family where they send their children to school. not the united states. it take my hat off. i'm not wearing one. i can see him smiling. take my hat off to the republican senators that led the charge. >> eric: greg. >> greg: i am going to talk about my book. sold out on amazon for a week which is cool but you can get it. if you can't get it at am mon,
2:59 pm
you can get it barnes & nobles or anything else. apologize for that. weird. >> bob: my one more thing is you are, your book gave me incentive to write my own book. here it is. look at this. this is the hate of joy. by bob beckel. very well done. [ laughter ] it says how to conquer over belly acres in the age of the g.o.p. provocation. i want to dedicate this to my colleagues on "the five." who are bummed out because obama won re-election, bummed out food stamps and thepipeline and this and that. for those of white house have, who really do have the love joy -- >> is that about joy behar? >> eric: no. opposite of your book. i'll say this. this is available and will be promoting it every single day. [ laughter ] for the next year-and-a-half. until greg's next book comes out.

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